Saturday, February 28, 2009

76 days im still alive!!

I wish there was a reason for me not to update this but the sad truth is there isnt :) ive had a very productive day now i rest!

so for the past couple of weeks ive been talking about getting a fish so today i went to petsmart with gerald and initially i was going to get a betta fish but we were looking at all the different fish and couldnt help but to change our minds! this fish was too funny to pass up! so apparently you just cant go into the store buy a tank and walk out with a fish in the same day (news to me!) now i had fish from the time i was 4 or 5 till the fish we had for ys passed away when i was like 11. so its been awhile since ive cared for a fish i miss having them! so after much debate on what tank to buy or what decorations to put in the tank we decided on a some mermaid tank starter kit which i love! everything is pink and makes me very happy! since i originally planned on getting a beta fish and had the name picked out and everything now i have to consider possible other names to name my fishy! ill do that today lol other then that we set up the tank full of water put in the water conditioner stuff and now we wait to bring home our fishy! :( i feel like a parent who has to leave their baby at the hospital!! i want to bring my babies home!!! anyways, heres the fish were going to get and the tank we bought (the pirate ship im going to return its too big for the tank and $30 (wtf?) we thought it was $10)

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