Saturday, April 25, 2009

20 days!!

finally were caught up! today was my baby bros bday uh awesome! we went to somecrazy japanese resturaunt had some great sake! i also got a great new hd camera! woohoo!!

wdw fact of the day!:
since 1995 disney wildlife conservation fund has devoted more then 6 million to conservation efforts around the world!

21 days

wdw fact of the day: the animal kingdom project was announced on june 5th 1995 and broke ground in august of that yr

22 days

wdw fact of the day: there were 4500 castmembers on opening day

23 days

failing again lets get this to date ;)

wdw fact of the day: the parking lot can accomadate 6000 and 100 acres in size!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

24 days! :0

its so close! another uneventful day at work tomorrow is dinner @ talias yay!
wdw fact of the day!:

for 1000 animals it takes upto 4 tons of food just to feed them!

Monday, April 20, 2009

25 dayz!

Omg it needs to be closer! Another day at work...started the packing
pile today!

Wdw fact of the day:
This park is home to the first free walking audio animatronic lucky
the dinosaur!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


so hopefully we can continue to be caught up all the way till the end. had a great day off partied it up a bit congrats to jose and tessa for tyin the knot! glad some people made it to the party that def made the whole thing worthwhile! to day i go back to work boo!!! so not cool! anyways the trip is comingup soon and i cant wait wait for it to finally be here i want to be in the parks playing already!
wdw fact of the day: the Animal Kingdm is home to more then 1700 animals and 250 species of them!

27 days

wdw fact of the day: Animal Kingdom is the largest theme park in the world!

still behind boo!

i just keep getting busier and busier this is ridiculous! well its 28 days who would of thought i got this far behind hm,...... so on to it!

wdw fact of the day:The Animal Kingdom spans to 500 acres!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

29 days!

Wdw fact of the day: Animal kingdom opened on 4/22/1998

3? Days

Wdw fact of the day: The twilight zone tower of terror is 199 feet tall

3?? days

wdw fact of the day: There are 13493 bolts that hold the hat together 26986 washers, and 17000 feed for underground utility piping

32 days left

Wdw fact of the day: If it held water it could hold 444.74 gallons of it.

Immm soooo behind!!

Well another week has gone by and blog i have failed you! In my defense it was my birthday weekend so there wasnt allot of time anyways.

But to keep the tradition lets get down to business:

Wdw fact of the day!The is painted in a new shade called chamillion which allow it to stay the sam from no matter what point in the park ur standing.

Friday, April 10, 2009

35 days hm

lots of shopping for my birthday on april 12th woot woot! so excited! my parties going to be so great! uh bought liquor, food an pineapples and leis! all the ingredients for a swell party!
;)wdw fact of the day:there are 6 stars and 2 moons on the hat!

hm im still so late!

36 days: the hat requires enough paint to cover 500 cadillacs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

37 days

i had cake and took a 2 mile walk :( lol

wdw fact of the day!:
you would have to be350 ft tall to wear this hat!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

38 days boohoo

today i didnt have overtime work still very boring bleh! finished my little sketches woot!

wdw fact of the day!
mickeys sorcers hat weighs 150 tons!

39 days why does the calendar hate me?

today was the last day of my 5 day overtime horray!! did a fish population count there are 2 babies and theyre doing quite well!! theyre getting so big im so proud of them! went to my moms had awesome spaghetti made by my mom i love her!good day good day!

wdw fact of the day:
the original blue prints from 1927 were used when buildinga replica of the gromans chinese theater in disneys hollywood studios.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

40 days! Grr

Rough day woke up late, was late work and was starving all day!
Holycrap! Gotta wake up early and do it allover again :p how bout some

Wdw fact of the day!:
This earful tower is 130 feet tall :0!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

41 days!!!!!!

ok weref inally caught up! heres the rundown the other my fish died i was sad! i worked on thursday that fucking sucked! i had like 2 drinks and was ready for my weekend! yesterday i finally paid my 1sts months rent for the disneyland college program so i an official woo!!! uh i also went to the aliante station put in $1 and won $14! i also put it back in and lost it all! ugh the house always wins bs! today i went to work that wasnt so bad. had some jimmy johns, went to the forum shops saw a live elvis that was weird got my phone replaced now i have to buy the little matte thing on it. uh also found out my camera i took to service wa approved for an exchange! hoorray!! im going to be getting an hd camera for my birthday :) also had a good fucking dinner tonight good one baby hat was fucking awesome! so now were back on track!

wdw fact of the day!:
when the tower of terror was being built it was actually struck by lightening! uh awesome!

fridays wdw fact of theday:

the count is 42 days and still counting! gaw cant hardly wait!

wdw fact of the day:
this park is the 7th most visited location in the world

what the hell?!!!

its been what 3 days and i havent blogged?! seriously!! wtf! i feel so bad im sorry for my one follower! so heres alittle to way to update

thursday wdw fact of the day:
this sorcers hat 122 ft tall!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

44 days im so lonely

today was a great tragedy. Good Golly Miss Molly has passed away :( with only 2 surviving babies she gave up on life. i read all the signs and at first it thought she was going to die then shehad babies then she died? idk fish life is very tricky. Im sorry miss molly i loved you!
well incase you lost count of the days heres a bit of a update ;)

137 days till the disneyland college program check in

55 days till the last day of work

44 days till me wdw trip

28 working days till wdw trip

le sigh these go by so slow :/

wd fact of the day!:
this parks motto is to experience hollywood as it never was but willalways be :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

45 days are sooo slooooww!!!

ugh 45 days wdw i can haz now?! grrr watching yes man ive seen this movie its called liar liar sigh these movie monkeys,...making monies on ridiculous movies,......had 2 drinks think i will be out for the night! not bd at all!

wdw fact of the day:
this park spans to 135 acres!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

46 days im wilting AWAY

today was not a bad day i guess oh and one of my fish had babies! and now theirs tiny baby fishies! im so worried i hope they live!

wdw fact of the day:
when in this store make sure you look out for this big guys tiny underwear ;)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

47 days :(

it feels so long away! today was my monday,....i went to go say hi to mymummy i logged on myspace my cousin posted pictures of mariah shes soo fucking cute i love her! i will post the pic as soon as i get in the mail. i ate pizza for dinner :/

wdw fact of the day:
if just wonderig around this park make sure you stick around for the street performers theyre the best!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

48 days

I lied no frankies tiki bar lounge review to post today :( i was waaayy too busy and also really hungry i couldnt go to a barand drink id be wasted after one drink :) so today i started to pack ugh this is going to be a looong process! :( other then that I did nothing today blehh,....but i did wash my car the first time in 6 months! :D

The original park name ws the mgm studios now changed to hollywood studios park opened on MAY 1ST, 1989

Friday, March 27, 2009

49 days!

49 days ugh couldnt be any sooner! just came home from enchilada fridays at my moms always a great time! also started to pack for disneyland eek!! im so excited tho! i need to start a list of the things i will take while i am there and this time i dont have to try to fit it in my luggage! i also will be posting a list later. good news! tomorrow we are going to frankies tiki bar!! we went tonight and it looked packed so we shall see how busy itll tomorrow but expect a tiki bar review tomorrow!

wdw fact of the day!:
This park was originally named the Mgm Hollywood studios!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

50 days!!

Today was my friday the boys are playing haloz uh ohz boring!

Wdw fact of the day: russell brauer is the composer of epcots future world ambience music!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

51 days!!

Today was another interesting day but according to my mom i did receive my official packet today woot!!

Wdw fact of the day:There are 957 traingular panels that cover spaceship earth!

52/51 days

Allot has happened on tuesday so,.....let first announce I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE DISNEYLAND COLLEGE PROGRAM YAY!!!!!!!!!! ill be ther aug- jan this has been the longest month and 24 days of my life!! but now its official and i cant wait to go! ill be there as a vacation planner what that means im no sure yet but i an seriously excited!
When in England make sure you stick around for this blast from the past band!

Monday, March 23, 2009

53 days!! uuuhhhbuuuuhh!!!

whats the count? 53 days till vacation, 40 days of work and 19 days till my brithday but no ones counting ;) i also forgot to mention yesterday our red claw crab clamps molted his first layer os shell!! yay!! it was so great that means hes growing and healthy :) so hes been hiding for a bit apparently changing your looks can be stressful lol! regardless were very proud of him to show us who he really is lol
WDW FACT OF THE DAY! On the wall inside this attraction is a hidden mickey on a blond head :)

54 day : /

SO TODAY MY GOD BABY MARIAH IS BORN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! OUR LITTLE PRINCESS IS SO PRETTY! and i started work today : / anyways lol so instead of a wdw picture were going to honor the princess by a picture of her!

wdw fact of the day:
Every year EPCOT holds the food and wine festival which gives guests the opportunity to sample food more then just the pavilions in world showcase lol.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

55 DAYS BOO!!!!!!!

So today we went to Trade Vics which was fantastic. Now our bill was a little high which could be because of the fact we had like 5 drinks (just between us both not each!) but with good cause! now everything on the menu is a bit pricey. but their food is really effin good lol. we had 2 appetizers and 1 main meal. The drinks we had were as follows:
1)Mai Tais
2)Samoan Fog cutter
3)La Floridia
4) sobeney(?)
5)something punch
Supposedly trader vics and some other tiki lounge were supposed to be the creators of the mai tai. honestly ive had stronger flavorful versions at places like red robin lol but thats just me. the 2nd one was a bit like the mai tai which i wasnt expecting at all i was expecting it to be much stronger with a more rum flavor. now i love my rum and i think a drink thats supposed to have allot of rums should be a bit more stronger or maybe even used witha spiced rum to give it that compliment flavor to the orange juice they use. i did get drunk so the drink did what it was supposed to do.
my boyfriend had the la floridia which was really a fucking strong drink. im not sure what was in but it was one stiff drink! the last 2 he had were more passion fruit based and im just not that into passion fruit so while his drinks were good they just did nothing for me. would i recomend going? absolutely! would i recomend going often? well while drink prices are pretty much average for any drink on the strip i think for what the place is and what you may be looking for in a drink its either a yes or no. now when my manager from florida comes in to town you best beleive i am taking him to trader vics atleast for lunch to try other drinks on the menu :)

55 days boo!


Friday, March 20, 2009

56 days hmmmm

today was kind of a rlaxed day i went to the movies saw i love you, man sucha bromantic movie! also went to a thrift store and found some great stuff but didnt end up getting anything so that way i can continue to search for other stuff for my birthday. off to my moms house to celebrate spring! our favorite time of yr (well one of our favorites)

wdw fact of the day:
When in Epcot in the World Showcase, in Japan make sure to catch Miyuki she makes incredible animals made out of candy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it was just perfect if i ever had a tank so when i got one i ordered it i finally received it and put it up. the picture im oing to post is just too cute. it shows the smallest fish in the tank Tila gazing upon the new wallpaper its very reminiscent of the scene in finding nemo with my favorite character BRUCE :)

57 DAYS! >:i

Well this is my 5th attempt to write this blog apparently my internet will only let me upload one pic at a time (gay!) so here we go today i received the best fish back round for my tank which ill display in another post.Align Center
on to the WDW FACT OF THE DAY!

58 days ugh!!!!!!!!!!

Test Track can reach up to 65 mph on the track :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

59 days :•|

Today should be a good day. Lets hope.

Wdw fact of the day:
Epcot is home to the only lesbian animatronic! In te universe of
energy there is a ellen animatronic fighting a dinosaur stupid judy!

60 days hmm

Journey into imagination opened on march 4th 1983 and is also home to
the only park specific character figment!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

61 days ugh!!!

Today is my monday im not complaining. I wonder what my fish are upto?

WDW fact of the day:
The orginal concept of EPCOT was to a futuristic community for
castmembers to live.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


ok so now were officially caught up! FISH UPDATE: we purchased a 10 gallon tank pepeope was so happy to be in his new tank! then we went to the store and brought home some new additions to the family were very thrilled to have them here!

WDW FACT OF THE DAY:These Pumkins are given "earning my ears" while growing just as first tim training cms!

62 days continued

EPCOT is home to the International College Program where students from all over the world come to work and repreent theyr home countries in the world showcase.

62 days wow!!

So I have been busy thees been allot of changes and things coming up in my life so this fell to sidelines but im here to revive it i promise! ill start with:
There are 11 countries in the world showcase this being the fountain of the nations!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

65 dayez!

So its 66 dayez and they go soo slpw!! Grrr!! So the new shuffle came
out today abit silly? Some would say... So is d23 hey ill be 23 for
free on april 12 ;)

Wdw fact of the day:
This sign was originally put up for the new millenium but stayed
around for a bit... Then was taken down in 2007 sad!! :(

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

66 days ugh!!!!!!!!!

fish update: we now have a 10 gallon tank that is currently empty but im sure once we put in some decoration it wont be so bad :)

wdw fact of the day:
If spaceship earth were a golfball you would have to be 1.2 miles to play it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

67 days sigh

67 days go by so slow so fast! very sad news yesterday princess hina kuluna died :( im very sad i loved her but i guess shes wasnt happy :( she will be missed and forever be in our hearts. RIP princess hina kuluna!

wdw fact of the day:
Figment is the only character to be specific to a particular park

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ok 68 days for sure!

ok so this is 68 days for sure! its my monday i have to go to work bleh!! lol my fish are doing just fine! pepeope eats just fine butthe princess doesnt eat as much as pepeope does but then again i think hes just a male pig :p lol!

wdw fact of the day!:
EPCOT is about 300 acres you could fit 3 magic kingdom parks into 1 epcot :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

69/68 days??

its daylight savings time so idk where we are? so were 69/68 days away yay!!! lol

wdw fact of the day:
The Name EPCOT stands for Experimental Community of Tomorrow or to some castmembers Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday! lol....