Saturday, March 21, 2009

55 DAYS BOO!!!!!!!

So today we went to Trade Vics which was fantastic. Now our bill was a little high which could be because of the fact we had like 5 drinks (just between us both not each!) but with good cause! now everything on the menu is a bit pricey. but their food is really effin good lol. we had 2 appetizers and 1 main meal. The drinks we had were as follows:
1)Mai Tais
2)Samoan Fog cutter
3)La Floridia
4) sobeney(?)
5)something punch
Supposedly trader vics and some other tiki lounge were supposed to be the creators of the mai tai. honestly ive had stronger flavorful versions at places like red robin lol but thats just me. the 2nd one was a bit like the mai tai which i wasnt expecting at all i was expecting it to be much stronger with a more rum flavor. now i love my rum and i think a drink thats supposed to have allot of rums should be a bit more stronger or maybe even used witha spiced rum to give it that compliment flavor to the orange juice they use. i did get drunk so the drink did what it was supposed to do.
my boyfriend had the la floridia which was really a fucking strong drink. im not sure what was in but it was one stiff drink! the last 2 he had were more passion fruit based and im just not that into passion fruit so while his drinks were good they just did nothing for me. would i recomend going? absolutely! would i recomend going often? well while drink prices are pretty much average for any drink on the strip i think for what the place is and what you may be looking for in a drink its either a yes or no. now when my manager from florida comes in to town you best beleive i am taking him to trader vics atleast for lunch to try other drinks on the menu :)

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