Saturday, April 4, 2009

41 days!!!!!!

ok weref inally caught up! heres the rundown the other my fish died i was sad! i worked on thursday that fucking sucked! i had like 2 drinks and was ready for my weekend! yesterday i finally paid my 1sts months rent for the disneyland college program so i an official woo!!! uh i also went to the aliante station put in $1 and won $14! i also put it back in and lost it all! ugh the house always wins bs! today i went to work that wasnt so bad. had some jimmy johns, went to the forum shops saw a live elvis that was weird got my phone replaced now i have to buy the little matte thing on it. uh also found out my camera i took to service wa approved for an exchange! hoorray!! im going to be getting an hd camera for my birthday :) also had a good fucking dinner tonight good one baby hat was fucking awesome! so now were back on track!

wdw fact of the day!:
when the tower of terror was being built it was actually struck by lightening! uh awesome!

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